Community Engagement Doesn't have to Burn Up Your Time


If you are engaged in Instagram marketing, you probably already know that people do not like to feel like they're just another number or another statistic. Unfortunately, a lot of big-time influencers on Instagram who gotten so big that their heads became big as well. It's as if they reach the point where their heads exploded in terms of ego. So, what happens? That's right, sooner or later, these accounts start to implode. It's not because of the people behind these personas did something really reprehensible, disgusting or downright embarrassing.

In most cases, they won't make clowns out of themselves. They just keep posting the same stuff that they've always posting. They're basically sticking to the script. They're doing whatever it is that they were doing before. Still, their followers start dwindling. How come? Like I said, people like to made to feel that they're matter. People like to feel that they're not just a number or they're some sort of statistic. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when you develop a following and you don't engage with their engagement.

This is the secret. It really is. You engage with engagement. In other words, when you post content and somebody likes it or comments on it, comment back or like back. Show them they matter to you. Show them that they are welcome on your page. Show them that whatever they do that it has an impact on the page and you want to make it abundantly clear to them. When you do this, you stand out like a hero. You really do. Why? The other influential account doesn’t bother to do this. So, what happens to these community members? They stick with you because you make them feel appreciated. They know that somehow, some way on your account they feel like they matter. When they engage in any type of activity, you sit up and pay attention and you let them know.

Manual engagement, however, can be very time intensive. It, also, can be very on you physically because you'd rather be doing something else. It can be quite labor intensive. Thankfully, there are software or automated tools where you can program "recipes" for account actions. These recipes work this way, when the recipe detects an action from one of your followers it then engages in another action. If the follower engages in a separate action, then the recipe would engage to another action to stimulate engagement. This is the key. It's all about getting your community to feel that they matter.

Thankfully, you don't have to this by hand. You don't have to burn up a tremendous amount, effort and energy pulling this off. There are all sorts of sophisticated, high-value software tools out there that can do this very smoothly. In fact, your followers won't even have a clue that you're actually using software and not actually reading their engagement. As long as you are giving them the content that they came for and you engage with them, they wouldn’t care less about your software.

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