You can easily sign up for Clickbank as an affiliate, here:
Once you are an affiliate with Clickbank (and I've never heard of them turning
anyone down), you can promote any of the offers in their marketplace. Just go to
the link provided in the last section, and look around. You can click on the “pitch
page” to see the sales page, and you can see how much you will make when you
sell the product.

Clickbank is not the only place where you can find products to promote as an
affiliate. I previously mentioned eBay and Amazon as companies that have
affiliate offers. Also, there are other affiliate networks like Clickbank, such as
PayDotCom and e-junkie. Some individual and smaller companies have affiliate
programs, but you may want to be careful in selecting some of them because they
may not have reliable payouts. You can keep up with various affiliate companies
and their reputations at Allan Gardyne's Associate Programs website here

You can discover affiliate programs for companies by looking down at the bottom
of their product page and they will often have a link that says “affiliates” or
“associates” or “partners”. Click on that and you will find out what they require
to become an affiliate. Some companies have “open” affiliate programs –which
menas they will take just about anyone who signs up; others have what are called
“closed” affiliate programs and are more restrictive in who they allow to promote
their products.
Whatever you do, be sure to read the “terms of service”, because affiliate
programs often have restrictions (usually quite reasonable) on how you promote
their programs – and violating those restrictions can get you thrown out of their
affiliate program. For instance, most programs will throw you out if they feel that
you are sending out “Unsolicited Commercial Email” (UCE) – or what is commonly
known as SPAM.
For promoting CPA Offers, there are tons of companies. Most CPA companies are
not completely open, and have an application process. But if you seem serious
and can convince them you will bring them traffic, you should be accepted.
When you go to a CPA network site, you want to look for “publisher application.”
For instance, here are some companies you can apply to:
Azoogle – One of the larger CPA Companies
ModernClick – With a step-by-step training program
MaxBounty – have a diverse array of offers
NeverBlueAds – A newer company, popular because of its interface
CommissionJunction – Also known as “CJ.com” (They’re celebrating their
10th year)
These are just a few of the companies – as you can see, there is a lot to choose
from, and this is just scratching the surface

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