Leveraging the Power of the Words and their Hidden Secrets

 Leveraging the Power of the Words and

their Hidden Secrets
This chapter is very important as to what I’ll be sharing. We will have
learned codes so that we can all communicate mutually using codes if that
were to be our proven best method of communication with our existing or
prospective customers or perhaps learned sign languages if those were very

But I guess our proven communication process is much simpler.
The difference between a salesperson and a telesales person is the ability
of a salesperson to meet the prospect physically, gauge the pitch according
in a face to face response and through signs displayed by the prospect.
Through facial, body language expressions, a professional salesman will
immediately know if they’re passing a message. These can be noted from
the nodding of the head together with a smile and opening eyes in
Unlike the salesperson, a telesales person can only appraise their sales
from a pitch from the prospect’s responses to questioning. The telesales 

person has lesser work to do, finds the job easier, tries to imagine the facial
expression of their prospects while discussing with them. The final
conclusion will be from the tone of voice expressed by the two parties.
Prospects have advantages over a direct mail and internet marketer as they
cannot be seen nor heard. The only tool for the sales pitches is just their
written word. To achieve success in getting a prospect, how written words
are passed serves as the solution to successful offline and online marketing.
Irrespective of the form, whether email adverts or sales letter, written
words must pass a message straight into the prospect’s mind. The only
barrier to having your written words get straight to a prospect has to ensure
your prospects read your message.
Your “hello”, “hey you”, “listen up” as an introduction in your headline will
determine if someone will read your sales pitch and this ultimately
depends on your headline. Your headline has to take hold of the prospect’s
attention else it becomes a farewell and send-off message.
Ever given attention to a “sub-heading”? Subheadings are incorporated to
maintain the interest of the prospect through the copy majorly to the
benefit of the prospect to decide to read the whole message. Sub-headings
are as cogent as the headline. Let your headline not become a “killer” to
your sales message.
How about the body of the copy? Here, you display your talents and skills
of copywriting. You have no excuse for using all your knowledge and
opportunity of the English Language to better explain and describe in
details the features and benefits of your product or service you have on the
The English language has all the adjectives needed for your writing, so
make use of them as applicable.

In creating a catchy copy, you must remember the word “senses”. Using
our day to day activities from the sense of seeing, smelling, tasting,
touching, and listening. We trust them as they represent the human
survival mechanisms, just like other mammals too rely on them.
You can anticipate some types of responses which you can propel into
your prospect’s heart to achieve maximum contact when you use the sense
words alongside emotionally generated words. It is a skill for every offline
and online marketer to really understand how to maximize profit
capitalizing on words.
Achieving business success is beyond writing an emotionally charged and
outstanding sales copy but it is effective to recognize its importance.
The secret power of words must never be underrated.
Entice Your Prospects with an Excellent Sales Copy
The sales of a copy depending on the quantity and quality of the details
included whether it is a short copy or long copy. It does not mean more
words bring better sales.
There are tips to follow to create a successful sales letter having the
accurate structure to keep the reader interested from start to end.
Using a commanding headline: From the start, grab the
attention of the reader to make them continue reading. This can
also be achieved by putting the main benefits of your product
across in a short sentence.
Use Sub-headlines to create excitement: Explain the
advantages of your product’s features and generate the excitement of
your reader in no more than one or two short sentences. Specify the
limitations of your offer if you are offering a limited promotion.

List the advantages of your product: Every reader needs to
have good reasons to buy your product. Think about what your
customer wants and these reasons have nothing to do with your
product’s features. If you're selling holiday villas, you can put across
something like the following...
“Save your money and enjoy the Mediterranean sun on your
summer vacations if you want to take advantage of the comfort of a
luxury apartment, then you have the most important letter to read”.
Describe your distinctive selling proposition: Here, you have
to mention your distinctive selling proposition in two or three
sentences to specify the benefits that differentiate your product from
all the others, then let your reader know you will describe the details
later in the sales letter.
Establish your credibility: Credibility is the most important
thing to sell on the internet. Before your reader will buy anything
from you, they will have to trust you first. Highlight three reasons
they should believe you. Reveal that what you say is correct.
Describe the benefits and features of your product:
Describe how your reader’s problem will be solved, or how his or her
life will be improved. You can be more convincing with the more
details you can provide.
Give more details regarding your product: At this stage, you
enlighten your reader about everything as regarding your product.
Write till you are bored and use as much space as you can.
Show your customers’ testimonials: You just need to continue
to ascertaining your credibility. Show your customers’ testimonials
that have already enjoyed your product. Instead of making general
comments, mention what your customers like about your product or 

something similar. You can make reference to at least five
Get rid of competition: You can get rid of competition by
revealing to your reader the information they need to read that
distinguishes your product. Show the elements that make it more
preferred to your competitors.
Continuously build value: Continuously let your readers know
that your offer is so good by building the value they cannot refuse. A
way is to evaluate the value of the offer to the normal value of your
Outline a summary of all that your customer will receive:
Let your reader have knowledge of everything he or she will be
getting from you.
Talk about the price of your product: Talk about the sales
price and regular price of your product. Cross out the regular price
and let the offer price follow.
Highlight your products’ bonus: If you have something extra to
offer, share it here. It is also part of adding value to your product.
Let them be aware or have a sense of taking a quick step as the
bonuses will only be available for short time.
Present a strong guarantee: “Money back” is the strongest
guarantee you can offer a guarantee. You have more sales when you
offer your reader guarantee for your product at no risk to create a lot
of trust and confidence among your reader. With this strategy of
guarantee, your number of returns will double up.
Lay emphasis on your guarantee: Eliminate all basics of risk
by finishing your sales copy with something close to, for example:

“You are sure the product is for you but you don’t have to make up
your mind now. Give it a trial and give it a go. If you do not save your
money, or does not do all I say or your business does not improve or
your life does not improve or you do not love it, let me know and I
guarantee you every cent of your money back! You have everything to
gain and nothing to lose”.
Inform them how to order for your product: Ensure you give
detailed directives on how your prospect can get your order placing
Append your signature: Ensure the letter is signed using your
full name and title.
Conclude with a “P.S.”: Highlight the most relevant points of
your letter in this part. Your copy must be friendly as much as
possible in design and format to allow your reader the time to read
your letter. Emphasize the most cogent statements to enable your
letter to be read in one or two minutes.

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