Making Money with Your Email List


When you have developed a list of loyal subscribers and have provided them with lots of free high-value content, they will absolutely be looking forward to your emails. They are also highly likely to act on your offers and rewards.

The first offer you make is called the gateway offer. This should be a really great niche-related product that you are offering at an amazingly low price. The purpose of the gateway offer is not to make a short-term profit. In fact, you should consider offering your gateway offer at break-even cost or even at a loss. That’s because the gateway offer is all about winning the long-term loyalty of your customers.

When you provide your subscribers with true value, you can cement long-term trust bonds and keep them buying whatever you are selling for months, or even years, to come. 

Making sure you alternate your promotional emails with those that offer free high-value content, links and other trust-builders, you can next provide secondary offers. These should be a series of increasingly expensive niche-related products and services. These series of products that have higher and higher price tags are known as the profit ladder.

The stronger the trust bonds you can build with your customers, the further you can push them up the profit ladder. For example, if your niche is dating and relationships and your gateway offer is an eBook priced at $5, your first secondary offer could be a video course that sells in the $19 to $25 range. Next you can offer one or two products in the $95 to $200 range. Once you really have established a solid relationship with your subscribers, you can offer even higher priced offers, in the $500 to $1,000 range.


Finally, you can offer what’s known as your back end offer. This is something that carries a truly high price tag, such as a $5,000 weekend-long boot camp at an exclusive spa resort. While very few of your subscribers will make it all the way up your profit ladder to the back end offer, you only need a few people to buy it in order to make a huge profit.

Easy List Building

While it may seem intimidating to newcomers, thanks to technological advances and streamlining of coding and programming, building and launching a website today is actually quite simple.

Once you use your website to create your first list of subscribers and experience the loading your autoresponder with email swipes in which you alternate informational and promotional emails in order to push your subscribers up the profit ladder, doing it a second or third time will be even easier.

These list building techniques can be used to promote products  or services – either your own or somebody else’s – or simply to connect with other people who share your interests. If you are a small business owner, you can use them to build customer loyalty and expand your customer base. 

The best part about list building is  that once you master the basics, it becomes very easy to manage and maintain. You can literally set it and forget it. As new prospects discover your opt-in page and give you their email address, your autoresponder can take care of 95% of the rest of the process of moving them up the profit ladder and bringing you a steady, reliable and essentially hands-free income stream. That’s what makes List Building so attractive to Internet marketers.

Good luck!

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