Well, while eBay and Amazon both have affiliate programs, Clickbank is very, very
popular with Internet Marketers. One of the appeals of Clickbank products is that
they are digital products – meaning they are great for impulse buys.

Buyers can get immediate satisfaction from their purchase because they can
immediately download and start using their product.
But wait! There's actually another way that we can make money that is similar
enough to affiliate marketing that we'll include it here. And that is the world of
CPA, or “cost per action” offers.
What does this mean? It means that you can actually get paid for bringing
prospects to interested parties. They don't have to buy anything. But those
parties know how much they will make off of every person they convert into a
buyer – and they know how many prospects they can convert into buyers. They
then know how much they can pay you to go find prospects to bring to them.
One of the most common of these offers you've probably seen: Video Professor.
Those offers you see for ringtones are often CPA offers.
Some of these offers will pay you if the person signs up for their offer, on down to
paying you for people who simply enter their zip code.

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